Meetings & Agendas

The Town Council conducts the majority of business through a structure of five main Committees and five Sub-Committees, meeting on a regular basis throughout the year. All Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and the agendas and minutes of meetings are published on the website.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend any of our meetings (see details below), or to contact us at any time for information (see Contact Us page).

Members of the public may speak for up to three minutes per person at meetings, regarding items which are on that meeting agenda. A total of 15 minutes per meeting is allocated for public speaking.  This is an opportunity to ask a question or make a statement about something on the meeting agenda. Depending on the subject matter, sometimes it may be possible to give an immediate verbal answer or response, but it is more likely that a written answer or response would be provided to you later on (please leave your contact details with us).

Any queries or comments regarding items not on a meeting agenda cannot be discussed and should be put in writing to the Town Clerk. You are welcome to contact us with questions or concerns during normal office hours by telephone or email.  You are also welcome to come and speak to us at the White House, but it may be better to book an appointment in advance so that the right person is available to speak with you.

Occasionally some meeting agenda items may be restricted, and we will ask members of the public to leave. This is usually due to commercial sensitivity (e.g. award of contracts), legal or insurance related proceedings or staffing matters.

Meetings generally take place at Deane House. We would ask any residents with symptoms of Covid-19 to please not attend meetings. Remote or virtual attendance may be possible for some meetings.

Planning Applications

We would remind residents that the Town Council is only a consultee in the planning process and would strongly recommend residents write to the planning authority, Somerset Council, with any comments on current or pending planning applications.  You may also wish to make your views known to a town councillor who is on the Town Council’s Planning and Development Committee and/or email to: [email protected].